Hair Extension for Female:

Hair extension is highly advance technique for female to increase the length & volume. Hair extension is one of the most important technique in abroad, which is brings down for you at Nile. In this technique we use layer of hairs to increase the length & volume as per one,s requirement.

How to use the hair extension:

It is very easy to use , there are three techniques to attach the hair extension to the existing hair.

Glue hair Extension :

In this technique we attached the hair extension to the existing hair with the help of glue. In this procedure you require follow-up every 25- 30 days.

Hair Weaving Extension:

It is an another technique to attach the hair extension to the existing hair. In this procedure, we forms a bridge through the existing hair, & on that bridge ,the layer of hair extension is attached, which will be fixed for 3- 4 months, after that you require follow-up every 3-4 months. You can use it as your own hair , you can do washing, coloring, perming etc.

Hair Bonding Extension (Clip on):

In the technique we attached hair extension with the help of clips. This is detachable option where you can remove it every day & fixed it back. It does not require any follow-up.

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