Hair Transplants Surgery

Initial Consultation: In the initial Consultation the patient brief history will be taken, later the hair analysis is done hair line design and the patient preference expectation on best approach (Single vs. Multiple) sessions and detailed as the procedure will be discussed with the patient.
Procedure: The Scalp is shampooed, the donor Area is applied with antibacterial prior to the surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

Hair Transplant Surgery is performed on an out patient basis, with mild sedation as injected local anesthesia the donor area is usually from the back as the head (occipital area), the donor area is numbed by anesthesia.
A strip about 1-1.5*15-20cm is harvested from the patient back. Later the donor area is closed with specially Designed reducing technique called anaphylactic closure. The advantage of this technique is there is virtually no scar at the donor area and the hair will grow form the suture line as well.
Later the excised strip is carefully dissected under the microscope to obtain follicular unit/follicular graft/hair Follicles. The recipient area is the area of baldness is prepared. The surgeon then marks a small incision or the recipient sites for receiving the graft with small micro needles or fine needles. The grafts are inserted in to the predetermined area of baldness.


1. How long does the procedure take place?
The procedure takes 4-5 hrs depending on the area of baldness.

2. How Much it Cost's?
Cost depends on the time of the procedure/technique.

3. What happen after the hair transplant to your procedure?
You can go back to your home on the same day after the hair transplant surgery.

4. How to take care of it?
We give you certain instruction to be followed.

Eye brows / Eye lash / mustache / beard hair transplantation

The donor area is harvested from back or side of the head, later the donor area is closed suture
The recipient area is prepared by making a small incision with micro needles/fine needles. Later the graft are inserted on the eyebrows/eye lash /mustache/ beard area.
We are the pioneer in follicular unit extraction Follicular unit transplant Eyebrow, eyelash, mustache and beard transplant surgery

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